What are the advantages of UV printers?


1, suitable for any material, compatible surface is extremely wide.

2, UV ink, to meet the multi-purpose industrial production.

3, no seihan, printing fast and low cost, support a variety of file formats.

4, step by step, that is, the printing is taken to meet the demand of quick sample and finished product.

5, the unit price from India, a large number of templates can be matched printing, saving time and effort.

6, full-color images, once completed, progressive color finish, you can go to the quality of photos, the effect of accurate positioning, waste rate is low.

7, short start time. Generally only one or two hours to master, make boutique, without professional skills.

8, computer operation, low dependence on personnel, upgrade space.

9, LED-UV environmental protection cold light source curing system, energy saving, power saving, curing effect is the best.

10, super platform, tailored for industrial users.

11, ultra high precision, beyond the traditional machine accuracy, up to 2880 dpi.

12, intelligent photoelectric positioning device, X and Y repeated printing to 10000 times without shifting.

13, ink does not contain any organic volatile chemical components, safety, environmental protection.

14, white print -- white, bedding, white coating.

15, you can print products feel concave and convex effect.

16 、 negative pressure ink supply system and two stage ink filter system, ensure the ink output stability and stop the nozzle clogging.

17, advanced ICC color management, effectively control the difference between the ink or medium due to color.

18, the machine production process does not limit the number of orders, printed with a print one hundred costs, monochrome and complex colors once printed.