Factors affecting printing effect of UV printer


I. self factors:

1, UV printer nozzle, configuration nozzle precision, hardware directly affect the printing effect.

2, UV printer color software, software, machine software directly affect the printing effect.

Two. Other factors:

1, operation skills

UV flatbed printer has certain requirements for operators, of course, when buying machines, manufacturers will give users professional training, and later also need to skilled and accumulated experience.

2. Coating treatment

Part of the printed material needs to be equipped with special coating to print the design more perfectly on the surface of the material. Coating treatment is very important, the first point must be uniform, uniform coating will be uniform color; secondly, choose the coating, not mixed.

3, UV ink

UV flat-panel printers need to use special ink, general manufacturers will be supporting the sale. UV ink quality will directly affect the printing effect, for different types of machines, choose different ink. It is better to find the manufacturer directly or use the ink recommended by the manufacturer.

4, printed material

The operator's understanding of the material will also affect the effect of printing. UV ink itself will react with the print material, will permeate a certain percentage, different material penetration degree is not the same, so the operator to print material familiarity will affect the final print effect.

5, pictures of their own factors

When the UV flatbed printer has no problem at all, consider whether it is the printed picture itself. If the image itself is very pixel, then there must be no good print effect. Even on the picture for refinement, is unable to achieve higher quality printing effect.

Both the machine itself and the external factors are equally important for printing, but buying a good UV printer is a prerequisite! Later on the operation of skilled, understanding of the process is a matter of course.